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The Cruise Ship Terminal is owned and operated by Port Metro Vancouver. Port Metro Vancouver is located in the city centre, at 999 Canada Place near excellent hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment and attractions. Its distinctive white sail design, five-star hotel, and the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre make Canada Place an attractive start and finish to any cruise experience. Welcomes upwards of 900,000 passengers each year. There 3-berth terminal can service up to 4 luxury cruise ships. This terminal was purpose built for the cruise industry and therefore has all of the amenities required. The land upon which Canada Place was built has historical beginnings as the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Pier B-C. This land was granted to CPR for the construction of a railway from sea to sea. Pier B-C’s primary purpose was to serve Canadian Pacific, Royal Mail, NYK, OSK, and other shipping lines trading with the Orient, Australia and New Zealand but it also served the development of British Columbia and the CP Steamships coastal fleet which transported people, vehicles and cargo to virtually every accessible portion of the coast and Vancouver Island until 1955. In 1978, Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments commenced planning for development of convention, cruise ship and hotel facilities at Pier B-C supported by The Hon. Grace McCarthy. Four years later, the Government of Canada created a crown corporation, Canada Harbour Place Corporation (now known as Canada Place Corporation), to develop the Canada Place project on the Pier B-C site. Canada Place would be used as the Canadian Pavilion at the Expo ’86 World Fair. Construction began when HM Queen Elizabeth II arrived on the royal yacht Britannia with The Right Hon. Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and The Hon. William R. Bennett, Premier of BC to initiate the first

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