Port Huron Statement Essay

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James Krebs Paper 4 Examples of opposing viewpoints of young conservatives and left-wing radicals in the early 1960’s were portrayed in the Sharon and Port Huron Statements, respectively. The former, which was the groundwork for the creation of the Young Americans for Freedom, urged right-wing youths to reaffirm central values to conservatism and eternal truths given by the Constitution. The statement foremost emphasized every citizen’s God-given free will, and spoke of a government amassed by divisions of power, made to serve the American people with national security. This security would stem from changes in national defense, and would maintain order executively, legislatively, and judicially. The statement, written by M. Stanton Evans,…show more content…
Enrollments in colleges and universities were at an all-time high, and many students felt anguish in the efforts of college administrators to control outside aspects of their lives. Other liberals, becoming involved in the growing civil rights movement, were disappointed in mainstream liberals not highlighting their hardships and supporting their efforts to better their party. This led to the creation of the “New Left”, separately distinguished from the mainstream liberal and Democratic Party. Contrasted with the more hands-on approach of the Sharon Statement to attack the communist regime, with force if necessary, the Port Huron Statement stressed a system based on harmony and reconciliation. The statement found the economic sphere to resemble an educative, self-sufficient, creative one, opposed to the mechanically manipulated system that was currently in place. The statement urged radical students and supporters to reinstate an idealistic society; focusing on theory, peace, and combatting civil rights and labor struggles. In order to achieve these goals, radicals felt it imperative to unite university regime with students and faculty alike, taking back the educational system with values central to them, opposed to a controlled process from the administrative powers to
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