Pornography: It’S Effects On Children/ Youths In T Essay

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BABCOCK UNIVERSITY ILISHAN-REMO, OGUN STATE PORNOGRAPHY: IT’S EFFECTS ON CHILDREN/ YOUTHS IN THE SOCIETY Presented By GROUP 4 EKABA ONONSE BISONG – S10/020 EFFEDUA C. JUNIOR – S10/059 PROMISE IWUEZE – S10/025 MUYIWA AKINADE – S10/051 OLISE ASHINEDU DESTINY – S10/071 JESSICA DUKE – S10/018 OKOLI ONYEKA OKWUDILI – S10/035 OLAOSEBIKAN OYEDOTUN – S10/036 PETER ARINZE OBIDUIKWU – S10/030 VICTOR SHITTU – S10/133 AKINBOBOLA AYOOLA ROTIMI – S10/052 BALOGUN SODIQ – S10/055 AUDU OSHIOLUMHETSE – S10/012 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS GEDS 132 – COMMUNICATION IN ENGLISH Submitted to: MRS. ADAMS JULY 2010 Table of Contents Abstract 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Forms of Pornography 5 3. Effects of Pornography 6 4. The Biblical Perspective 13 5. Dealing with Pornography Addiction 14 6. Conclusion 18 7. Bibliography 19 PORNOGRAPHY: IT’S EFFECTS ON CHILDREN/ YOUTHS IN THE SOCIETY Ekaba Bisong1, Effedua Junior1, Promise Iwueze1, Muyiwa Akinade1, Olise Destiny1, Jessica Duke1, Okoli Okwudili1, Oloasoebikan Oyedotun1, Peter Obduikwu1, Victor Shittu1, Akinbobola Rotimi1, Balogun Sodiq1, Audu Oshiolumhetse1 1Babcock University, Ilishan – Remo, Ogun State Nigeria Abstract Pornography is tearing apart the very fabric of our society. Our society is over-saturated with sexual images. Everywhere we look, from billboards to grocery store check out counters, we are bombarded with blatantly sexual pictures. The Internet and cable television have allowed for unprecedented access to pornographic images. One doctor and medical educator believes that this obsession with pornography actually affects the brains of young people. Yet most Christians are often ignorant of its impact and apathetic about the need to control this menace. Pornography is an $8 billion-a-year business with close
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