Pornography Effects Essay

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Introduction Pornography is a display of sexuality, which creates a distortion on a person’s basic understanding of the nature of conjugal relations. The sexual representations, displayed in pornography, alter the viewer’s behaviour and sexual attitudes. Pornography poses a significant threat to many families, marriages, individual happiness and children. Pornographic materials are accessible through the internet, movies, magazines and other sources. Reading and watching pornographic materials contributes to sexual arousal in a person. Aggressive pornography watching increases the sexual arousal of men due to its coercive sexual nature. Negative impacts of pornography override the positive impacts. Pornography may undermine the social stability of married couples. It offers sexual styles that married couples can use instead of using the common styles, which may create boredom with time. Some styles may be more satisfying and convenient to the couple even in times of pregnancy. Sexual intimacy, enjoyment and satisfaction are important in marriage. Exposure to pornographic materials results to initial sex stimulation leading an increased sex frequency among the viewers and their partners (N.M. Malamuth and E. Donnerstein 1994). However, these effects may not be long lasting and can lead to more sexual cravings and dissatisfaction on the couple. It may also affect the good relations that existed in a couple before as the viewer’s spouse may lose interest in sex. Negative effects of pornography Pornography is addictive and affects the person in a negative way. Viewers of pornography become addicted to the habit of watching pornography. The habit can cause damaging effects to the viewer since they become sexually stimulated and may result to drastic measures in order to satisfy their sexual desires. Media is a strong communicating tool to viewers. Viewers watching
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