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When visiting a casual dining restaurant I typically judge them based on five criteria’s location, atmosphere, service and food. I desire a nice location, preferably with nightlife in the vicinity. A pleasant atmosphere is a must have, consisting of classy décor and professional people. The service should be friendly and knowledgeable. Finally, the food should be spectacular in presentation and taste. During an evening out with friends we visited The Porch, located in Dallas, Texas. The atmosphere is slightly uptown with a mixed crowd of 20 to 40 year old professionals. The Porch serves a wide range of American cuisine along with a wide selection of premium beer, wine and cocktails at the bar. The Porch is located at the corner of Henderson and North Central Expressway, in a gorgeous area known as the Tribeca of Dallas. From the moment I pass my keys to the valet the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Passing thru a black rod iron gate, a large bricked porch surrounded with colorful ivy and flowers greets us. Bustling with people and drinks this was a nice way to wait on our table, since reservations are not accepted. There is usually a wait past seven on any given night, be prepared, enjoy the bar. The bar itself runs the entire length of the restaurant, approximately fifty feet of dark black marble and mahogany wood. Numerous high tables and small benches in front of the bar provide a place for quick appetizers and drinks or just a happy hour drink. The bartenders were above par, a few older gentlemen, knowledgeable, experienced and mature. They were eager to assist in drink selections, whether it was a wine from the extensive list, a premium beer or one of many mixed concoctions they create. The restaurant is a grand room, floored with warm cherry wood, off white walls and a black exposed ceiling; a rustic yet

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