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Surname and Initials: Tjiho N Student number: 201172763 Topic: A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages on how Population Growth affects a country. Lecturer: Mr. Masule. Date: 29 September 2013 Introduction This essay discusses the effects of population growth on a developing country, it will define what population growth is all about, state its advantages and disadvantages and then it will conclude. Body Firstly, the definition of population growth is the increase of inhabitants in a certain territory or state, there are four factors that determine population growth for a given geographical area and its births (B), deaths (D), immigration rate (I), and emigration rate (E). Population growth can actually be triggered by other many factors that later leads to the four main factors mentioned earlier on and this is that some economies grow faster because of technological advancements, medical advancements, better farming techniques, the use of better quality seeds, better fertilizers, and so many more but some economies grow backwards cause of starvation, lack of effective medical care, lack of sanitation and so many more Clark (1977). Fertility also determines population growth or decline thereof, which is the average number of children given birth by a woman Lakshmi Narasaiah (2001). There are many models that are used to calculate population growth rate one of them includes the Malthusian growth model named after Thomas Robert Malthus and it has the following form where * P0 = P(0) is the initial population size, * r = the population growth rate, sometimes called Malthusian parameter, * t = time. This model is often referred to as the exponential law It is widely regarded in the field of population ecology as the first principle of population dynamics, with Malthus as the founder. The exponential law is

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