Population (Geography)

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Population Essay In this essay I will show the population distribution in the world and some factors as as to why some regions are more densely populated such as Asia, while others are sparsely populated, such as Australia. The population distribution is uneven as more people live in certain regions rather than others. There are many factors that contribute to a sparse or dense population, for example: the hot and dry climate of the desert will lead to a sparse population as crops cannot grow in sand. Livestock need large amounts of water to survive, however in regions such as Europe, there is a very average and steady climate with flat fertile land this causes a dense population as it is easy and cheap to build on flat land, plants and crops grow easily meaning that livestock thrive. The most densely populated areas of the world include Europe and Asia. Asia is the most populated continent in the world containing over 60% of the worlds population that’s over 4 billion people, it's average yearly birth-rate is 5.7% per 1,000 the death-rate is is 10 per 1000. Asia is also the largest continent in the world covering 29.9% of earth’s total land area. Asia contains 48 countries, namely: Russia 2. Mongolia 3. China 4. India 5. Sri Lanka 6. Maldives 7. Nepal 8. Bhutan 9.Bangladesh 10. Myanmar 11. Thailand 12. Laos 13. Vietnam 14. Cambodia 15. Indonesia 16. Malaysia 17. Timor Leste 18. Brunei 19. Singapore 20. Taiwan 21. Philippines 22. Japan 23. North Korea 24. South Korea 25. Pakistan 26. Afghanistan 27. Tajikistan 28. Kyrgyzstan 29. Kazakhstan 30. Uzbekistan 31. Turkmenistan 32. Georgia 33. Armenia 34. Azerbaijan 35. Iran 36. Iraq 37. Syria 38. Lebanon 39. Jordan 40. Israel 41. Saudi Arabia 42. Yemen 43. Oman 44. UAE 45. Qatar 46. Bahrain 47. Kuwait 48. Turkey 2 of the most disputed countries are Russia and Turkey
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