Popularity Of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants Why are fast food restaurants so popular? Fast food resterautns are popular due to several reasons. Fast food restaurants are popular because they are convenient, quick, and cheap. For many people fast food restaurants are convenient. Many people can pick up dinner on their way home. For others these restaurants are close to their home. The restaurants being close by helps families a lot because they don’t have far to drive. Many fast food restaurants have a drive thru. These drive thrus also make fast food restaurants convenient. Many people have small children that may be asleep so going through the drive thru they don’t have to get their children out. Fast food restaurants are convenient and they are also quick. Many fast food restaurants have drive thrus that you can order, pay, and receive you food all at once. Going through a drive thru helps people save time. Unlike a dine in restaurant fast food restaurants have more than one person fixing the food. There are usually two or three people helping fix any given order. Another thing that makes fast food restaurants quick is the fact that they don’t have a very big menu. When you go to a dine in restaurant you are given a menu that usually stretches half way of the table. At a fast food restaurant they don’t have very big menus so you don’t have much to choose from which makes it quicker to get your food and go. Fast food restaurants are also cheap. Many fast food restaurants now have a dollar menu or a value menu. These dollar menus have items on it that are just a dollar. These dollar menus make eating out cheaper. Some families are consisted of four or more family members and with the dollar menu they can afford to go out to eat now. Another reason the fast food restaurants are cheap is that they don’t have to buy a whole lot of food. The fast food
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