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In Popular Mechanics Carver is exploring and exposing the aspect of domestic violence of modern society and the effect it has on the children involved. In the story Carver doesn’t give out any character names or a gender of the child, the effect this has is so reader’s can easily relate back to something they have seen or experienced. The title it self “Popular Mechanics” gives passage to the assumption that the story deals with the usual happenings of a domestic violence situation. The author’s symbolization also foreshadows the effects of the domestic violence in this story as it relates to its ending. The author chooses not to name the characters because he wants to allow the reader to involve themselves in the story to a certain extent. With a situation all too familiar he believes the reader can easily associate them with someone they know. The author is relying on commonly based gender stereotypes that will help readers to create they’re own image of the characters with whatever names or characteristics they choose. As in the story when the woman is yelling, “Im glad you’re leaving! Im glad you’re leaving! Do you hear? “. This is a general stereotype of a woman in a domestic violence dispute, being a woman or not we can all relate to this for we have seen it. Furthermore, the mans struggle and resistance in retrieving the baby from the woman and also the packing of his suitcase. Aren’t the men always the ones to leave the home amidst an altercation? Sure we’ve seen it. Once again the title of the story “Popular Mechanics” goes back to the notion of what usually happens in these cases. Where the parents are going back and forth vengefully with no regard to how this belligerent behavior is affecting the children involved. “She caught the baby around the wrist ad leaned back but he would not let go. He felt the baby slipping out of his hands and he pulled back

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