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Popular haunts Wednesday, October 30, 2013 1) Aokigahara Forest, Japan This forest at the foot of Mount Fuji is rumored to be infested with ghosts, monsters and weird beasts and to top it all off is suicide central. With an average of 30 suicides every year, the forest is the third most famous suicide site in the world with 78 bodies being found in 2012 alone. 2) Bhangarh Fort, India A sense of restlessness and unease hangs in the air stemming from an ancient legend in which a beautiful princess spurned an evil magician, who cursed the place. War and famine followed. The fort was abandoned in the 1700s and now has government restrictions on entering it at night. 3) Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Korea This place was shut down nearly 15 years ago but the freaky part is that people were dying mysteriously there before its closure. Jackets and white coats still hang on the walls, along with scribbles on whiteboards and Post-it notes telling everyone to evacuate the hospital as soon as possible. 4) Changi Commando Barracks, Singapore Once home to 15,400 British and Australian soldiers during World War II, the barracks was later used as the headquarters for army commandos. It is said to be haunted by ghosts of tortured prisoners of war. 5) Jeruk Purut Cemetary, Jakarta, Indonesia According to an old tale, Jeruk Purut is haunted by the ghost of a decapitated pastor still looking for his grave. People visiting the cemetery on Friday nights report seeing a child and large hairy ghoul. 6) Minxiong Haunted House, Taiwan Also known as old Liu mansion, it was built in 1929 for Liu Rong-yu, a prosperous landowner and merchant. The mansion is rumored to be haunted by ghosts of Japanese Imperial Army soldiers and a maid who committed suicide by jumping down a well. Buddhist sutras can be found written on a banner at the entrance to warn people of ghosts.
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