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Study of Popular Culture The problematic nature of attempting to define popular culture lies in the fact that it changes over time, and is not static in nature. The public attention and sweeping acceptance given to a subject, a genre of music, art, writing, film, or an individual person is what lends itself to the foundation of popular culture. It is evident that the cultures within a society will proceed from the perspective that governs their beliefs, values, and traditional attitudes to establish popular culture. Since there are so many variables to consider, this makes it difficult to ascertain a working definition in its study. As Berger states, “I have suggested that it makes good sense to look at popular culture as well as the elite arts in trying to understand American society and culture. This whole matter of the relationship between elite and popular culture is, it can be argued, now moot, since the postmodernists tell us that there is no significant difference between them”. Ideological interests that guide social behavior are a core component in assessment of popular culture. Consider the depiction of a typical American family in the classic TV sitcoms of the fifties and sixties, specifically those images of compliant housewives. To contemporary viewers, those images seemed natural when they were initially broadcast, portrayed as families and women were supposed to be. In contrast this is now considered a contrary view to domestic realism, far removed from the independent, diverse woman of the new millennium. “Cultural forms create conditions of possibility; they expand the present by informing it with memories of the past and hopes for the future; but they also engender accommodation with prevailing power realities, separating art from life, and internalizing the dominant culture’s

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