Popular Culture Literature Essay

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Michelle Hunter Andrews Popular Culture Literature American Popular Culture Instructor Latasha Morrison October 3, 2011 The Meaning of Love is a global novel about Midnight, a young, strong, ninjutsu trained man. Midnight married sixteen year old Akemi Nakamura from Japan. At the most intense, hottest, highpoint of their love and union, Akemi's father secretly captures Akemi and returns her to Japan. Midnight sets off on a powerful, colorful and unforgettable journey from Brooklyn across the world to win back his wife. Midnight meets much more trouble, temptation and danger than he ever imagined. This is an action packed novel filled with adversity, love, and the lengths that one will go through to conquer his love. The author chose a typical old tale and recreated it into a sexy hip popular novel [ (Souljah, Midnight and the Meaning of Love, 2011) ]. Born in the Bronx, New York and raised in the projects, Sister Souljah is a fighter who came up from the bottom. Born in an impoverished community she decided early on to use education as her weapon to overcome her struggle. A graduate of Rutgers University, she earned a degree in American History and African Studies. She also attended the Cornell University Advanced Placement Studies, and studied abroad in Europe at the University of Salamanca. She has decided to apply what she has lived and learned in her writing, and shares her urban lifestyle with her readers [ (Souljah, Sister Souljah, 2010) ]. A global student, Sister Souljah traveled throughout her college years to England, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and Russia. Her academic accomplishments were reinforced with first hand experiences. She worked to build a medical center for families in Bindura, Zimbabwe. She worked with refugee children from Mozambique. A major participant in the international student anti-apartheid movement, she helped to
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