Popular Culture And Print Media Paper

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Popular Culture and Print Media Paper PSY/105 October 21, 2010 Bonita Greene Popular Culture and Print Media Paper In this paper the author has assessed the impact that print media advertising has on consumerism and cultural values. The learner will briefly describe the roles that the print media has played in the development of American popular culture and identify at least three trends propagated by print media and evaluate the impact on views or attitudes. While evaluating the impact of the mentioned trends the impact on the following topics will be taken into consideration; work, social responsibility, happiness, the human body, justice, law and order and consumerism. Print media advertising is in American popular culture is found all around us, in the information we do not noticeably read and places that affect us subconsciously. Billboards, flyers, brochures, even the backs of receipts from purchases are advertising products the most current form of advertising is now internet ads but not everyone uses a computer. Newspapers use print media to emphasize a story and at times it is the pictures used that lure the person to buy the paper from the stand. Books are the oldest form of communication (Wilson & Wilson, 2001), but newspapers offer current information and advertising not found in books. This form of communication is an older mode of finding out the current events in a city or state. At one time this was the fastest way to get accurate news for people on the go. Print media has little effect on those operating in the Internet age, although people are still exposed to this paper form of information. While most companies choose to go green and send bank statements and other forms of information via e-mail, this may not always be the safest. Online predators can intercept mail and gain access to private information often leaving people victim

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