Popular Culture and Electronic Media

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The first known means of advertising is believed to have been used around 3000 BC, where Babylonians used store signs and street barkers to Promote their wares and Businesses (Zoubkov, Johnson, Young, Fletcher & Thomas, 2004). Over recent years there has been a significant change in regards to advertising. The premise is still the same but the method by which advertisers get their message out to people has since evolved from the days of the department store circular or the Sunday paper flyer. We are seeing more ads taking the form of some type of electronic media be it via a pop up on the internet, or on the television. With more companies turning to this type of advertising, we can assess the impact that it has on consumerism as well as cultural values. With computers and television practically everywhere and cellphones in almost every pocket, it is extremely easy to advertise on either medium. The internet has seen the greatest impact from electronic media advertising more so than advertising on television or radio. Many companies chose to advertise on the internet because of the potential to reach many people and not just a specific group or a specific area. It is also more cost effective as it is relatively cheaper to advertise online than it is to print an ad. Internet marketing is a business imperative because the Internet is an irrevocable and unstoppable trend. Even if you have a traditional "brick-and-mortar" business, you'll lose valuable customers without an online presence. People routinely search for goods and services with their computers in lieu of the yellow pages. If your business isn't on the Web, customers will likely choose another company with whom to do business. Also, online advertising is cheap. Advertising in the phone book or a newspaper is expensive, especially if you want an ad that has a presence on the page. An ad in an
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