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Popular American Culture Paper I fervently contend that I do not consume large quantities of American pop culture! Okay, maybe I consume more than I would care to admit. As any American living in our highly marketed consumer environment we are all exposed to large quantities of American pop culture. Although we may not realize to what extent, the American public is constantly barraged with American pop culture. Every mode of communication on the planet is utilized to expose Americans to modern pop culture. Whether you utilize a radio, television, or the Internet; it has been optimized to introduce the American public to pop culture with the hope of selling products or goods to mainstream America. What is culture and what is pop culture? Culture can be defined as the knowledge, values, beliefs, traditions, spirituality, emotive features, material products, lifestyles, and notions of a community that exists in a society (The Social Science Jargon-Buster, 2007). Pop culture simply means that you apply the definition of culture to a smaller group of individuals within a more limited time period. An example could be American pop culture during the twenty-first century. Identifying current and major trends in American pop culture can be difficult. Current trends are the use of athletes, musicians, and actors as role models. Television and radio commercials both continuously market modern day athletes as models for consumers. Marketing forces presume that modern-day Americans relate to and aspire to emulate successful athletes and therefore want whatever they peddle to the American public. This practice has been effective during all of man’s modern day history and is an effective method to connect goods to consumers. Modern day consumers have a vast amount of choices when consuming products in the market place. These same consumers are bombarded by pop

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