Pope Urban's Reasons for the Crusade Essay

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The essay topic that I will be writing about will be focusing on two parts that intersect. The essay will focus on Pope Urban’s reasons for the crusade and his aims and ambitions for the church. I will also be discussing the Popes use of exaggerating claims of christians suffering and being murdered and liberating the holy lands to gain support for the Crusade. I have looked at these sources and found some of these more useful than others in writing my paper. Pope Urban II’s call for a crusade:Four Accounts -This piece of work has four different accounts of one of the first sermons that Pope Urban gave about the crusade. The sermon was a response to Constantinople plea for help against the Turks. The sermon had called for Christians all around Europe to help save their Christian brothers and sisters who are being greatly mistreated and to take back the Holy land from the Muslims who were currently occupying it. These four accounts were written by churchmen and all of the accounts were written after the conclusion of the first crusade. The First Crusade and the idea of crusading by Jonathan Riley-Smith- I find this book so far to be a good read and chapter 1:Pope Urbans Message to very useful in helping me write my paper. This chapter discusses focuses on pope Urban and his sermons to the people. The chapter gives reasons on why the Crusade was called and how the church legitimized the crusade through his sermons. Also goes into the goals of the crusades that were mentioned over and over again by the Popes Sermons. The Pilgrimage Tradition and the Holy War Before the First Crusade James A. Brundage- I will be using this article to help connect holy wars and their justification with Pope Urban’s justification of war. The article mentions what is holy war and connects it with the Old and New Testaments. Using quotes and information from this article it will

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