Pope Pelagius Research Paper

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Running head: Historical Carrie Walker HTH-379 Grand Canyon University July 1, 2012 Introduction In today’s society we have a separation of church and state, but during the middle ages, the church was the state, most of the time. Church Rule The plague hit Rome early in 590 A. D., the city was in agony. Floods and wars together with the plague took its toll. Sore throat, black outbreaks and a swift demise were leaving wagons loaded high with the dead. People went crazy, Rome became a desert, and Pope Pelagius II died, screaming in pain (Shelley, 2008). Church leaders chose a monk named Gregory who really did not want the job but on September 3, 590 he was consecrated (Shelley, 2008). Even though he did not want to responsibility he began his…show more content…
People turned to the church for guidance, if the pope was of strong character the leadership of the church was the law but if the pope was weak or lost control leadership was in the hands of the current emperor which meant whatever group had the ruler’s ear at any given minute influenced the course of events. This continued from Constantine (324-337) in the west through Arcadus (395-408) in the east. Christianity became the authorized government belief of Rome in 391 however it certainly did not begin or end there as nonspiritual and religious groups seeking supremacy and status for themselves over others to the disadvantage of God’s people. This is still true today with the church and state especially during this election year. Mitt Romney if a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Barack Obama is either a Christian or Muslim depending on who you ask, both men want the power and both men have used religion as a stepping stone and a political platform. Separation of church and state in my opinion cannot be completely done since the state must use biblical laws in the secular world such as most of the laws Ten
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