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Popcorn Lab Essay

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September 7th, 2011
Period 5B, 6B
The Popcorn Quality Experiment
“Gourmet Popcorn” is the product of “O. Blubbenbacher Foods, Inc.” which is now losing their sales to other competitive brands. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the specifications to provide benefits to the company.   In current researches done it has been proved that better quality popcorns are usually fluffier and the expansion of the popcorn depends on the amount of mass water content. So the popcorn will not be able to expand without the water content. The mass water content affects the density of the kernels. According to the above facts, the hypothesis of the experiment was that the brand with higher mass water content and density will be the higher quality. The investigators then carried out an experiment using materials listed below. They carried out the experiment with two different brands of the popcorn. The result supported our hypothesis.
  * A microwave
  * A digital scale
  * Pencils paper
  * Graduated cylinders
  * Gloves
  * 3 different brands of popcorn kernels ( bags of uncooked kernels)
  * Volume measuring cups
  * Forceps
Use the gloves to carry any apparatus or kernels so that there are less chances of contamination. Open all the bags of the popcorn. Take samples from the bags and place them in front of the appropriate bag on a clean surface. Using forceps weigh each kernel on a digital measure scale. Record the data on a separate piece of paper in grams. Follow the procedure for other two brands of the popcorn.
Now, to figure out the volume of the kernels by volume measuring cups, fill up the cups by 500 ml of water. Place 20 kernels from each bag of popcorn in separate cups. Record the amount of water displaced. Then, for the volume of each kernel just divide the amount of water displaced by 20. Once done throw the kernels away.
Now, microwave the remaining kernels in the bag for required time. After the...

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