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Choose one of the following questions and write and essay answering the question you have chosen. The essay is to have a minimum of 500 words. Submit the essay not later than Monday 21-11-2011. 1. What elements of truth and error are there in Bruce Delamitri’s argument that he is only holding a mirror up to society, not creating it? As a viewer, a reader and observer of films, books and society I would like to take my own experience into account to answer the question at hand. I would like to start by answering the errors. In my youth I was always much protected at home from foul language, violent movies etc. When I was with my fellow peers, I wasn’t so protected. Whenever they spoke foul language, it shook me to my core, I was detested. Slowly overtime some of the words came out of my own mouth. I fought it and was conscious of the words I said, but sometimes, and “sometimes” became more frequent, I used foul language when I was upset! The words I had heard from my fellow peers, had found their way in under my skin into my thoughts, unconsciously. These peers had been the mirror which only reflected their environment, so they didn’t create the foul language, but I wouldn’t have had the foul words in my mind unconsciously if it wasn’t for the society I live in, which constantly uses foul language. So by reflecting something from their background, they created the foul language behavior in me. It was the same with movies and TV. When I watched Lord of the flies, at the age of eight, I remember how I was shocked by the images being presented. But after having seen it, I had a quarrel with my brother, and I inflicted damage to my brother by beating him, because this way I could show him that I didn’t accept what he had done or said to me. My parents of course had to teach me that, just because I had the capability to inflict such pain on my brother,

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