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In the land of learning lived all the gods and goddesses that control every aspect of learning. One day, the god of pop vending machines, Poppe Vedor, was taking a little stroll when he found him self wandering through the land of learning. Now, Poppe Vendor was always thinking of new ideas and he came across an idea that he thought was fantastic for schools. He thought that if pop machines were in schools, then students would pay more attention in school because they would be energized by caffeine. . He kept walking and all the while he was improving his idea to present to Classor, the god of all classrooms and the supreme ruler of the land of learning. Poppe finally came to the temple where all the gods and goddesses were sitting. He walked up to them and began to present his idea. He said, “If students could only get their hands on some caffeine, then maybe they would be able to stay awake in those class hours that are so early in the morning. All they would need to do is put $1.25 into the machine and then select their choice of pop and voila…their ready for the day!” The gods and goddesses thought this idea over for a few minuets and decided that this could possibly work. Within a week pop machines were placed in every school across the world. Students and…show more content…
He wasn’t going to appear as himself though. Instead he disguised himself as the little old librarian that worked at the school. He told Benjamin that “If you have patience then it will come out but hitting the machine won’t do you any good”. Benjamin said “Shut up you stupid old hag.” Then Poppe decided to show himself to Benjamin and Benjamin’s jaw instantly dropped. Poppe told him that because he had no patience that the machine will take his money and give him nothing in return. Now anyone who tried to use these machines and did not have patience would get their money swallowed up by the machine with nothing in

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