Pop Punk History

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Sean-James Brownlie HNC MUSIC Music History LO2 This essay is on the genre of pop- punk. I have chosen this genre as it is what I listen to mostly as it is one of the most diverse genres of music. A brief history/ Introduction to pop-punk Pop –punk is a genre that has been around since the mid seventies and as a result has changed a great deal since then. Pop–punk was and is all about producing music that can be fast and up tempo like punk but, not as heavy, making it more accessible to more areas of society similarly to pop music hence the name pop-punk. The original pop-punk bands would be The Ramones or The Lonely Ones but these bands were more punk but they started the change within the genre. The pop-punk genre over the next 20+ years continued to change and as result was looked down on by many criticizing it by referring to it as “mall-punk”, “popcore”, despite this it wasn’t until the start of the nineties that pop-punk was considered a real subgenre and it was at this time the real icons of this genre began to emerge. Bands such as, Papa Roach, Jimmy Eat World, AAR, Blink-182, Green Day, SR-71, Sum 41, The Offspring, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, and my personal favourite Less Than Jake and many, many more. The last three bands though belong to a popular sub genre of pop-punk; ska- punk. However, despite these bands belonging to a previous generation of music their popularity is still as high as ever. As they are major influences on their contemporaries, such as Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, All Time Low, and +44 and Angels and Airwaves. However the last two bands were formed by the previous members of Sum 41 and Blink-182. This genre has greatly influenced other genres most particularly the modern indie movement from 2000 to present as many of today’s current bands list one or more of the above as influence.

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