Pop Culture Inventory

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Pop Culture Inventory Denise Harry March 19, 2008 Pop Culture, what an interesting topic. Let’s take fast food restaurants for example; most Americans would not consider fast food restaurants a popular trend in our growing society because these establishments are where many Americans feed their families, due to the busy lives that they have, running from school to work, and then to after school events for the children, we work in a world where both parents must work in order to survive. Many do not have the time for an old fashioned sit down dinner. It is too easy to pull up to a window and order what you want to eat and either take it home, or to where ever it is that they are running to. Fast food restaurants have become an American trend; these establishments have been around for many years, it is all about convenience. Even though it is well known that most of the foods that are offered in fast food restaurants are unhealthy they still pull up to that window at least once a week. Music is another fad and trend setter, for example, one can usually tell what type of music that an individual listens too by the way that they are dressed, individuals who listen to rock music tend to dress in dark colors, those who listen to country music tend to dress in cowboy attire, boots, big belt buckles, flannel shirts and cowboy hats, and they usually drive big trucks with mud all over it, and they love to line dance. Those who listen to rap music tend to dress in baggy pants, and shirts, flat bill hats and have a dance for every song that comes along. Not all of the individuals who listen to these types of music adhere to the clothing fads; however, music seems to play a role in how some individuals dress. It may not be the music these fads begin when children reach the age of dressing themselves and having their own opinions, several other reasons
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