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This essay disagrees with the statement, and it strongly believes that artists through their creations of unique techniques of architecture and artworks did not influence the world, but just the environment around themselves. From movements in the early and late 20th centuries, pop art, surrealism, abstract expressionism and dadaism, these only revolutionised the art world, but it did not have an impact on politics, religion or the economy, therefore did not influence the world.

Dadaism or Dada is a post-World War I cultural movement in visual art. The movement was, among other things, a protest against the barbarism of the War. In general, many believe that Dada was not art, it was anti-art. For everything that art stood for, Dada was to represent the complete opposite. Where art suppose to have a meaning to it, Dada art was absolutely meaningless. During the first world war, Dada was a way to express the confusion that was felt by many people as their world was turned upside down. Lets take the most famous Dada artists Marcel Duchamp for example. In one of his readymades-the made use of an already existing object, the Fountain, is a urinal, and then titled it Fountain and signed "R. Mutt" on the side. Due to the intentions of anti-art, the artwork should have no meaning to it, there is specific technique used or created, but essentially the symbolic meaning of the toilet takes the conceptual challenge posed by the readymades to their most visceral extreme, therefore enhancing the concept of anti-art. In the end, there is still no benefit to the world and society itself, there is still no change in politics or the economy, it might be influential to certain groups socially, but that is the limits to it.

Surrealism was an artistic movement that brought together artists, thinkers and researchers in hunt of sense of expression of the unconscious. They were

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