Pop Art Essay

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The term Pop Art describes the creativity influenced by the post war outlook centered on consumerism and materialism. Originally founded in Great Britain in the 50s, and emerged in Manhattan in the 60s, many influential artists still very well known today emerged from this era in history. Pop Art was the outlet for artist to visually express their views on society and culture using trendy images and icons to create their vivid masterpieces. “In America, Pop Art is often considered as a counter-attack against Abstract Expressionism because it used more figurative aspects in its works. It was also related closely to Dada, an earlier movement (largely French) that poked fun at the highbrow and serious nature of the art world and also used everyday objects and mundane subjects”. (http://www.getpopart.com/pop-art.html). Three artist that stand out from that post war, Pop Art era is James Rosenquist, Richard Hamilton, and of course the late & great Andy Warhol. “James Rosenquist was born in Grand Forks on November 29, 1933. As of 1948 he studies at the arts school of the Minneapolis Art Institute” (http://www.kettererkunst.com/bio/JamesRosenquist-1933.shtml). It is also said that James was a poster painter in New York, whose work was so amazing that his nickname is “Billboard Michelangelo”. Recently there was a fire at Rosenquist home in Aripeka, FL that destroyed his studio and home. Richard Hamilton is a highly accomplished English artist very well known for his Pop Art timeless pieces like “just what is it that makes today's homes so different so appealing”. Andy Warhol, the Pope of Pop Art is certainly one of the most recognized artists of the Pop Art era. Warhol started using canvas to create his art, but could not create his paintings fast enough, so he discovered the silk screen technique to create art faster. Warhol, Rosenquist, and Hamilton were all protagonists
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