Poor Communications Essay

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Close Relationships Sometimes Marks Poor Communication Angela Walter OOM200: Interpersonal Communication (ADM 1302A) Instructor: Summer Beretsky Date: January 14, 2013 After reading the article on close relationships mask poor communication, I have to say that I agree with the article. I believe that we as human gets so comfortable in our relationships with each other and with the people we love, and or close to, that even in our communicating we think that they will know what we are trying to say to them. I was married for twenty-three years to the father of my two children. I remember when we begin to have problems in our married before it ended in a divorce. We went to get some help with our marriage. One thing I know now is that our communication with each was some of our problem. My ex loved to tone me out when we were talking to each other. After I would say something to him he would not respond to me with an answer that was about what we were talking about. His reply would always be that of something else. I would ask him what was he talking about, he would reply I heard you, but listens to this right now. Whenever that would happen, it made me feel like I did not know what I was talking about, or that I had no ideal or in put in what we were talking about. When we went to go get some help for our married, one thing I remember from the class we took; we were showed how to listen when the other person had the floor. Then the person who was listening, was showed how to repeat back what they heard from the person who had the floor, this way what needed to be made clear could be made clear. I did enjoy the section on how to communicate with one another. I some time use it now to get a better understanding from others when they are talking to me. I feel that my ex and

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