Poopers in Poop Essay

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Tossing, turning, rolling around, this is not the rest I needed for the day I had ahead of me. It was summer, a week full of beautiful weather and a big trip ahead of me but the evening came and that all changed. The past week was that picture perfect summer day, blue skies, a calm breeze, and a good book sitting in the cool shade of the oak tree in my backyard. This was one of those times that I would never want to change, although, all this changed overnight. That gentle breeze turned into a tearing, howling, wind throwing trees branches and garbage cans all around. Rain poured down as if we hadn’t had rain in years, flooding the streets and yards all around. It seemed as though the rain falling on the house was so intense and weighted that the whole house was going to cave in. Crack! The thunder was almost deafening, as though you could actually feel it. My black lab Bailey was hiding in my bed with me, hoping for some kind of protection from the storm. That was the night that I would hope to but never forget. Morning arose and on any regular day I could hear the birds chirping and the leaves blowing in the breeze, but this morning was different. A silence so deafening it made me uneasy, it made me wonder if everything that had happened last night was just a dream and that I could start my day just as normal. There was no chance that I could let anything slip, everything had to be perfect. Falling out of bed, not having any energy to lift myself, I practically crawled to the bathroom to turn the shower on. I knew I needed to get myself ready to go but it was just so difficult. The cool splash of the shower on my arm gave me a little more motivation and energy so I got in. After the shower I thought I would brush my teeth and fix my hair before it dried and look like I did not even take a shower at all so I would be presentable for the gathering. I thought that

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