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Poop Essay

  • Submitted by: elleroxsox
  • on April 20, 2011
  • Category: College Admissions
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To Whom It May Concern,

    On Monday March 2, 2009 at approximately 2:30pm I was downstairs cleaning up in the produce department when Krystyl, from the deli department, walked into the room. We started talking. She told me that she just got off work and that she was getting ready to go home. She then takes out a single packet of gum, and asked me if I wanted some. I said ok, and she handed me the pack of gum. I take out two pieces and tossed the rest of the pack on the counter back to her, right next to where she was standing.   A moment later, Diane, whom I noticed was standing just outside the door to the produce room, walks in and asks Krystyl to step out of the room. I go back to cleaning the room and restocking the supplies. A few minutes later, Dennis, Vinnie, and Larry have now joined Diane and Krystyl outside the produce room. It was at this point I first realized something was up, because I heard Diane describing to the manager(s), how she saw Krysyl take a multi-pack of gum and then proceeded to follow her downstairs with it.
    This went on for a few minutes, before Diane asked me to come out and join in on this impromptu meeting.   I then stood there and watched Vinnie suspend Krystyl for stealing a multi pack of gum (I believe the name brand was Eclipse). He told her she had to come back next week with the union representative (rep).   I’m thinking this meeting is now over as Krystyl, and Dennis now proceeded to leave.   Apparently however, I was about to find out that it was far from over.
    Vinnie then turned to me and started questioning my involvement in all of this. I told him exactly what happened from my standpoint, prior to him being called downstairs. He then began to dictate store policy about how I shouldn’t accept merchandise from co-workers, without seeing a receipt, as it might be stolen.   I told him it didn’t even occur to me to suspect it was stolen merchandise, as I was offered gum from a single packet of gum.   I continued to...

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  • Submitted by: elleroxsox
  • on April 20, 2011
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 1,229 words
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