Poop Essay

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A Better Solution More than half the countries in this world are at war, and nobody stopping them, so why don’t we join in this world renown craze. It is the solution to all our countries’ problems. Any sort of conflicts that arise can easily be resolved with war. We can always count on war when we don’t get our way or what we want. Due to the plethora of lives lost, destruction war causes, and money required, the United States should continue wars. Millions of people die everyday. What difference does it make if a hundred more lives are lost because of war? At least they died for a good cause like trying to kill other people. Who cares if the people who are killed have families to support? The families should be capable of supporting themselves. The destructions that war causes can actually benefit countries. War can affect the availability of food. Obesity is a world-wide pandemic, and with the lack of food obesity rates can lower. War causes the rationing of gas. With gas prices increasing drastically, people are finding other ways for transportation like walking or biking. This is helping the fight against global warming. War requires an excess amount of money, but that isn’t a complication in our society. The United State’s economy is doing just fine in which it can pay for the war. If our economy starts to fail (which may never occur), the government can always raise taxes. Since employment rates are high, taxes can be easily paid. With war being the countries priority, instead of using the nations money for foolish things like education, the money can be used completely towards war. If war was the solution, there would not have been any wars after the first one. But considering there have been numerous wars after the first one proves it is not the solution. We are in the twenty-first century, and we have came so far. We are

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