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More random inspections should be conducted in nursing homes because employees do not follow proper procedures. I walked up to the secure doors, typing in the special code not quite sure why anyone would actually try to break into this place. It’s a prison. Residents laid out left alone in their beds, covered all uniformly in the same red blanket, never spoken to as equals, never feeling like themselves anymore. Theyre strapped into their wheel chairs and sat out to wait on their meager meals. It explains why there a withering away. Nursing homes are a death sentence. At the door Mrs. Barber is dazing through the glass with a gleam of hope still brushed on her pale wrinkled face that she will have a visitor today. The fathomed sister once again didn’t pay a visit. and leaves Mrs. Barber screaming frantically as if she has lost her child. This is her daily routine until she is tranqulized by the head nurse and left in her room till morning. The smell of bleach and decaying bodies hits me with a blast of cold air as I walk through the entrance. I take a step over gina who rolls around on the floor like a barrel rolling down a hill. She has I was relieved to be finished cleaning up a nauseating brief that poured out like a slippery mudslide. It wasn’t the first of the day and unfortunately I knew it wouldn’t be the last. As I walked away from the bedside of the confined resident my nostrils simmered at a fresh familiar scent. I turn around to see diarrhea smeared foot prints trailing behind me. In disbelief I asked myself “is human poop worse than dog poop?” Being a certified nurse’s assistant isn’t a smell good job however, I recommend it to young adults because it teaches you to humble yourselves to

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