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I believe that human life begins at fertilization when a sperm unites with an egg. The immediate product of fertilization is a newly existing human being. The beginning of human life is so amazing how it occurs. The whole process of pregnancy itself is a truly joyous time in life. In the Davis vs. Davis case Mary Sue and Junior had a very hard time trying to conceive. She had 5 tubal pregnancies, then went through 6 attempts of IVF, and pregnancy never happened for them. But shortly after Junior filed for a divorce. And then they ended up going to court to fight over what would end up happening to their 7 frozen embryos. I think that their situation was so unfortunate and ended up on bad terms. So many people are out in this world just having children, and taking it for granted and either giving them up or getting them taken away from them. While there are people in this world that go through so many procedures and processes and still are not able to conceive a child. I think that frozen pre-embryos are more than experimental material, they are individual human beings that have the most basic right of all – the right to life. And it is a very good thing that people have a chance at pregnancy, by being able to freeze there embryos. Science has definitely given many couples hope to be able to have a real chance at becoming parents. I think that destroying frozen pre-embryos is con- sidered destroying human life at it’s earliest stages. Just like in the Davis vs. Davis case Mary Sue suggested that if she couldn’t have the embryos transferred to her own uterus, then she wanted the authorities to donate them to a childless couple. But her husband wanted the frozen embryos to be discarded. I just think that this case was so drawn out and prolonged and didn’t end up in Mary Sue’s

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