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AP English III Weekly Update and Itinerary
Week of September 19, 2011
Period 6

We had a busy week, preparing to write our first analytical essay. Students shifted from active reading to pre-writing activities. Of the many things accomplished, here are the key goals met from last week:

    • Students used charts to rhetorically analyze and compare the basic rhetorical components of “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions.” They answered questions, which helped them identify key similarities and differences in the writers’ tones, purposes and rhetorical strategies.
    • Students learned how to take time away from their notes and texts to discuss the “big ideas” they have about the texts and subjects. These “big ideas” are important because they are developed off the top of their heads, with out looking at notes. Therefore, these ideas truly represent what the students have internalized and what they have to say before they begin to write.
    • Students learned the three organizational options a writer has when writing to compare two or more things: Subject-by-Subject, Point-by-Point, and Mixed.
    • Students read the analytical essay assignment options for this unit. By Friday, students chose an option and subjects of comparison. Many began working on the “big ideas” and points to focus on in a chart comparing the two subjects.
    • Students learned the importance of strong, detailed and specific close reading dialog journal notes. Once students identified key points on their two subjects and developed a working thesis, they returned to their notes to code them, hoping to find concrete details for their essay.
    • Over the weekend, I assigned a complete, typed rough draft of their essay. I instructed all students to fill in the blank organization chart handed out in class or posted online to help them prepare BEFORE they sit down at the computer. They must bring two copies of their draft with author’s...

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