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A Crystal Calculation It was a warm summer day in the Crystal Empire. Everypony was at home sleeping after the huge party that had proceeded this wonderful day. At least almost every pony. Vinyl scratch: ok so I just look through this hole and then look at the angle…. Octavia see’s Vinyl from across the plaza and decides to go say hello Octavia: Hello Vinyl dear Vinyl scratch: HEY TARVI!!!!! Octavia: do you have to call me that every time I see you…. Vinyl scratch: oh tarvi you say the sweets things Octavia: *sigh* what are you doing anyways? Vinyl scratch: I was just trying to see how tall the crystal tower is. Octavia: why in the name of Celestia are you doing that? Vinyl scratch: well you see tarvi I am throwing a huge party like the one that happened last night, and I want to know how long of an excitation cord I will need to play my music from the top. Octavia: Vinyl I didn’t know you could do such advanced math Vinyl scratch: just because I like loud music doesn’t mean I can’t do math Octavia: ok then so tell me what formula you are using to find the towers height Vinyl scratch: well I am 100ft from the bass of the tower, and I am using a clinometer to find the angle closes to the top of the tower. After I do that I just have to use tangle of my angle or X multiplied by 100 over Y. Then after I get that number I add my height form my hoof to my eye and I get my answer. Octavia: WOW!!! Well Vinyl I’m proud of you. you really now your math and you even said bass in a sentence without yelling it. Vinyl scratch: Did you say BASS!!!!! Octavia: Oh vinyl will you ever grow

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