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Pontus Jöeheden Pontus Jöeheden was born in Enköping in Sweden. He is twenty-three years old, sunshine and tall person. He has two beautiful, smiling eyes and a well set nose. Now he is an international student in Santa Barbara City College and he is my classmate. He has been in Santa Barbara since August. After talking with him, I know that he is a sport lover, a devoted cineaste, and a people person. Pontus is a certain sports lover. When he was three years old, his father taught him how to play ice hockey. He joined an ice hockey team as a left defender when he was eight years old. Although he is an amateur player, he has got some great scores. Unfortunately, California is too hot, so he can't play ice hockey. But he found a alternate sport, roller hockey, a form of hockey played on a dry surface using skates with wheels. He plays roller hockey once a week. Second, he has been playing long driving sine he was nineteen years old. A remarkable event is that he won 10, 000 dollars in Sweden in long driving competition third plays. In the world long drive rankings top 200, he is the number 161, which is really awesome! He said, “ I love ice hockey, and it's one of my favorite hobbies. But if I were a professional long driver, I think the enthusiasm will change in some way. ” Besides these sports, he loves to go to the gym with his friends and do some work out and slog it out for a hour for five times a week. Therefore, he is very healthy and muscular. Secondarily, Pontus is a people person. First, he love to hang out with friends. He doesn't like to stay alone. “ Friendship is priceless and it's an important treasure in my life,” said Pontus. Second, he is a doubtless party animal. He has lots of partys every week. Going to party is not just for beer, music, and dancing. The most important thing is that he can meet new people and talk to them. Within a month, he

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