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Church and Changes Church brings many connections. Upon attending Pomona First Baptist for my first time, it is where I felt that I was ready to be committed to change my life for a greater being. The atmosphere and purpose of the church can highly contribute to changing a life for the better, and this is done by building a stronger connection with God. The church guides you, the community supports you, the message inspires you, the music motivates you, and within all of those things, God works through you and transforms your life. Before attending Pomona First Baptist, (also reffered to as PFB) I was raised in a Catholic family culture. This included Sunday Mass every weekend and completing two years of confirmation class. I was used to simply going through the motions, and even then I didn't agree with some of the things that the Catholic religion believed in and practiced, like having to go to confession and such things. Everyone has problems, small or big, little or many. My sophomore year in high school, I was involved in an abusive relationship, and in a few simple…show more content…
My views, actions, morals and beliefs had changed ever since. I understood what I was doing wrong in life, and I felt that the church really guided me to fix these things. It seemed as if everything was turning around, but the weird thing was that nothing was really changing. It was something spiritually that had taken over my life. In the world, it seemed as if nothing was any different. When I thought about it, it was almost as if things were getting worse, but the faith I had lead me to deal with it differently. In this, it brought joy to me and the people around. My life became more alive and vivid. The church had shined such a bright light into me; it was like waking up a new person. It was no longer about living life to survive, but my life then had a greater

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