Polymer Essay

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This essay aims to know what are polymers and also discusses about what is Polyethylene. It does not have information about every single discovery relating to polymers, as that would be nearly impossible. Instead it has information on the major discoveries relating to polymers. Polymers are big molecules made up of repeating units which are bonded covalently among the repeating units. Polymers are made up simple repeating units known as monomers. The word mono means one unit and as the molecule grow bigger the word poly is used which means many repeating units. The monomers within a polymer can either be the same monomer or combination of several monomers. Polymer actually refers to a large class of natural and synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties. Polymers are known to have extraordinary properties which make it very useful in either industries as engineering polymers or in everyday life as commodity polymers. Polymers produced in the past have such low quality that they gain bad reputation. However researchers in the past continue to do research in order produce better polymers. And today polymer production had become one of the most important sectors and plenty of new high quality polymers had been produced. Polymers nowadays are made up of high quality material and slowly replacing metals in many applications. Polymers are used to produce products such as clothes, toys, furniture, machine components, and paints as additives, boats and automobile parts. In automobile industry, polymers are beginning to replaced metals because of its light weight which will reduce the overall car weight and also helps to prevent corrosion. Polymers are not only produced synthetically but also produced naturally by living organisms such as plants. Cellulose is an example of polymer which is being produced by plants. Cellulose is a polymer which consists of

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