Polygamy in Islam, Christian and Mormon Faiths

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Polygamy within the Christian, Islamic and Mormon beliefs The issue of polygamy has caused great controversy in North American since reports of abuse surfaced from a Fundamentalist Mormon Sect in British Columbia, Canada. Even though the Fundamentalist Mormons have stressed that their practice of Polygamy is strictly religious devotion and their interpretation of God’s words for men to “go forth and multiply”; their practice of polygamy contradicts the established societal laws of North America and as a result, generated much conflict. In fact, the practice of polygamy has caused great disagreement among other religions as well, mainly Christian and Islam faith. Since the issue of polygamy within the three religions seems to be related the groups’ religious beliefs, it is critical to examine the correlation between their beliefs and ways of life. Christianity, Mormonism and Islamic faith all convey different perspectives toward polygamy in terms of their beliefs. These three religions also show different attitudes toward a woman’s right to marriage and her individual power after union. In addition, medical ethics within these three religions show different degrees of significance and importance as well. The Christian, Mormon and Islam faiths demonstrate different perspectives on the historical, medical and feminine aspects of polygamy. Although polygamy is an accepted part of all three religions’ past practice, their modern views on the controversial issue differ, and thus generating much debate among people. Through the examination of all three religions’ historical, medical and feminine perspective on polygamy, a conclusion may finally be reached regarding the contentious issue. Historically, all three religions have accepted polygamy as a part of their religious practice, albeit for different purposes. Within the early Christian society, a casual attitude is

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