Polygamy - Is It the Key to Saving Family Values? Essay

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Polygamy - Is it the Key to Saving Family Values? Since 2002, new marriages ending in divorce in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia has averaged about 47 percent. This number has progressively gotten worse and has a lot of people wondering what the causes are. No one truly knows why these relationships end, however many researches blame it on a shift in societies views on family values. Poor communication, financial problems, and infidelity all contribute to this change of attitude. Polygamy and polygamous type relationships (i.e. polyamory, polyfidelity) may be the solution to keeping families together. Before discussing how polygamy can strengthen our family units, we should briefly define what it is. In Zeitzen’s book, `Polygamy: A Cross-Cultural Analysis´, she defines polygamy as “the practice whereby a person is married to more than one spouse at the same time, as opposed to monogamy, where a person has only one spouse at a time”. There are three varieties of this custom: “polygyny” where a man is married to two or more women; “polyandry” has a woman married to two or more men; and “group marriage” in which two or more men/women are married to several other men and women. Essentially, the latter could be a blend of polygyny and polyandry. A subgroup of polygamy, such as polyamory, is different than polygamy in that it does not involve marriage. The individuals involved have intimate relationships with more than one person, with everyone involved having knowledge and acceptance of one another. Put aside preconceived notions that monogamy and the intrinsic worth of marital fidelity have been, thanks to sanctions by the major religions, accepted as the norm in most westernized societies. As noted earlier, poor communication is one of the many causes of divorce in a monogamous

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