Poly Pharm Essay

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Page 1 Running Head: POLYPHARMACY IN THE GERIATRIC PATIENT Polypharmacy in the Geriatric Patient Samantha Martin Professor Damelio NUR1141 2014 April 13 Tallahassee Community College POLYPHARMACY IN THE GERIATRIC PATIENT Page 2 Polypharmacy is described as the use of 5 or more medications routinely. With polypharmacy comes unwanted risks and unbeneficial outcomes. Polypharmacy can lead to adverse side effects, increased costs, opportunity for drug interactions, and decreased adherence to the prescribed regimen. When given the opportunity to engage in my own polypharmacy activity, a lot of things came to the light. Before this project I was having a hard time even remembering to take my oral contraceptive once a day. That’s only one pill, once a day. With my activity my prescribed regimen was 5 “pills” once in the morning, one pill three times a day, one pill every 3 hours, and 2 PRN, or as needed, pills. Right off of the bat I knew that taking one pill every three hours was just not going to work with my hectic schedule with school. And sure enough I missed that pill more than I remembered it. The pills for in the morning were always easy to remember because I would take them with breakfast. That is until the weekend came along and I would sleep in until lunch. My pills for 3 times weren’t hard to remember because I scheduled them with my 3 main meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Except for the fact that those pills happened to be disgusting and leave a bad taste in my mouth. Imagine taking a pill that you can’t stand the taste of and having to take it 3 times a day. Very quickly it became very easy to understand why so many people have trouble adhering to the medication regimen that their doctors prescribed them. And when you throw older patients in
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