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Communism and its Dissolution * Radical restructuring of system * At height of period there was series of events that started to happen that vindicated that program: conservative governments * No more social programs –sort of I. The Fall of Communist Regimes * Collapse of social welfare regimes that offered social programs and when these regime collapsed this made the regimes of socio-liberal in the west * Dismantling the welfare state * Where the socio-economic alternative on the left is unraveling it seemed as if history was on the side of the West * People started to re-image themselves to neo-liberalism * No longer historical alternative to the liberal democratic capitalist system * Communism collapsed therefore: capitalism must be the proper system * Liberalism and capitalism seem vindicated because of the collapse of communism and by association Marxism is also discredited in many intellectual circles * Massive regime changes a. the ‘End of History’? II. Historical Features of Communist Regimes * Soviet Union was regime where capitalism had been displaced permanently * Soviets above all give more human loss to Nazi regime * Feeding the Nazi regime was responsible for the Eastern Front (Eastern Europe) * Soviets had great presence in Central-Eastern Europe by the Red Army * Berlin had all four powers in occupied: Nazis, Soviets, Americans, British * Exception is Austria, where Red Army was not there * Soviets understood themselves to trying to exist in hostile environment surrounded by liberal-democratic regimes * Soviets sought out territory to buffer out their own territory * Aftermath of the war is an immediate grid-lock by two powers USA vs. Soviets * Eastern European countries in the 1950s are systematically transformed to

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