Polly Holliday Essay

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My brother and I stood there in silence looking at mum. She’s trying so hard to gain our interest. “Look, quick look” Said Mum, in a panic whisper “It’s not working mum. It’s still boring” said Callum. I agree with Callum she tried the same thing last year to try and make things exciting and that was a waste of time and it was cold. “No. This time I’m not joking” shouted mum whilst pointing at the cave. Mum was right there was a flickering light coming from inside the cave. “It’s nothing” said Callum. “Shut up!” I hissed. “Let’s go a little closer” I pleaded with mum. I must admit she’s got me this time round. I was excited yet frightened all at the same time; I just needed to know what was inside the cave. We walked closer to the cave whilst listening to Callum moaning the whole time about how dumb it was and how boring it was, he’s such a whiner. “Shh, quiet down” whispered mum. “Can you hear that” she whispered again. Callum and I instantly stopped arguing and listened quietly. Mum was right again, you could voices inside the cave, not so much to hear what they are saying; but you could hear something. We listened for about ten minutes and then we heard a loud bang. “What was that.” Hurried Callum; in a frightened voice. “I don’t know” mum said whilst shaking her head. “I think we should make our way back to the tent” she insisted. “NO” I shouted. I didn’t want to go back to the tent I had to know what was happening in the cave. And that’s when I realised I shouted a little too loud. The voices from the cave suddenly stopped and lights were shining our way as if they were looking to see where the loud voice came from. “Duck down” mum said quickly. “Over there, go get them.” shouted a man from the cave in a rough toned voice. “Run” shouted

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