Pollution in Africa

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Pollution in Africa There are many different difficulties that the world faces, for example Global Warming, Deforestation, Terrorism, and many more. One major problem that’s being confronted in modern day is pollution. Pollution has been becoming a problem for many countries. There are many different types of pollution. One type of pollution is air pollution that is caused by factories, and carbon monoxide given off by cars. Another type of contamination is water pollution which is caused by sewage, natural disasters, and man-made garbage being tossed in to the bodies of water. One country that’s been highly effected by pollution is Kabwe a town in Zambia, Africa. Kabwe has to deal with pollution in ways that seem odd to the everyday life of Americans. Pollution has had an enormous impact on Kabwe; even breathing is toxic for the people. Breathing can cause poisons like lead to instantly enter the blood stream, which than can attack the central nervous system. The outcome of poisoning can cause a person to have anemia, vomiting, kidney damage and it can also slowdown that mental development. In many cases, it is said to have caused brain damage and death. Many people would actually try and prevent toxic pollutants from spreading, but according to environmentalist there is a canal used to carry toxic waste from the pit, in the town of Kabwe. Environmentalist’s also claims that half of the hundreds of children that live there are actually playing in the town that’s around the toxic waste. The children have also been tested and are positive for carrying poisons. There are several ways that pollution can be avoided and prevented. Some methods that pollution can be prevented are by keeping your surroundings clean. It can also be prevented by setting up organization that can contribute their time in helping clean out the canals, bodies of water, and the town’s
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