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Dr. Thomas Pollock, great-grandfather of Eleanor Armstrong, who married Andrew Guffy, son of Alexander, was married in Ireland to a Miss Cochran and lived at Coleraine, where his children were born, viz.: John; Thomas, M. D., who died in Ireland, where he returned after studying medicine in America; Robert; James, born in 1728; Charles, born in 1732, who married Agnes Teel, and died in 1795; Jane, Mrs. McClean, who died in 1797; Eliza, who married John Sheriff; Mary; a daughter who married (first) a Mr. Caldwell and (second) a Mr. Allison; Mrs. David Barber, of Northumberland, Pa.; and Elizabeth, who died in Ireland. Of this family, John Pollock, born in 1724, died in 1794. He was twice married, his first wife being Catherine Campbell, his second, Eleanor Snell, who was a niece of Benjamin Franklin. They had four children: Eleanor, born in 1760, married James Armstrong, and died in 1823; Thomas, born in 1762, died in 1812; Alexander, born in 1764, married Jane Sheriff, daughter of John and Eliza (Guffy) Sheriff, and died in 1801; John, born in 1765, died in 1772. James Pollock, son of Dr. Thomas Pollock, born in 1728, died in 1812. He moved to the Ligonier Valley, in Westmoreland county, Pa. He married Mary Heron, and they had children as follows: Adam, born in 1767, married Elizabeth Gilen, and died in 1815; James, born in 1769, married Mary Steel, died in 1857; Thomas, born in 1772, married Mary Fruit and died in 1844; William, born in 1773, married Sallie Fruit; Thomas, born in 1777, married Rachel Hendricks and (second) S. Henderson, and died in 1847; Charles, born in 1780, died in 1798; John, born in 1783, married Elizabeth Hamill, and died in 1862; David, born in 1784, died in 1807; Jane was born in 1784; Robert born in 1781, married Mary Anderson, and died in 1844; Nancy, born in 1789, married William Lytle,

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