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Since those pioneer days, Jamaican society (urban and rural) has become the target of myriad surveys and research projects, with psephological exercises multiplying during the febrile period of competitive electoral politics from the late sixties to the present time. Edith Clarke's work throughout all this has remained a highly respected seminal model for going about one's investigative business when seriousness of purpose and getting at the deep social forces that underpin structures and surface patterns are required for a better understanding of Jamaican society. This was undoubtedly one of the reasons for undertaking the study. She was, after all, a social welfare worker committed to what in these times would be referred to as the alleviation of poverty and the improvement of the human resource. Moreover, she shared with colleagues and others in the field of community development the conviction that values serving and reinforcing a habitable society depended, inter alia, on the family, the first line of dialogue with life and living and a primary agent of socialization preparing the human capital for coordinated social action and a productive existence based on trust and reciprocity of effort between individuals. The Clarke study impacted on more than social welfare policy at the time, however. It caught the imagination of many who became deeply conscious in the ferment of social change that saw the transformation of Jamaican society from colonial fief to self-governing polity as a matter of urgency. The title of the book, even more than its carefully argued contents, seemed to take on iconic proportions resonating with poetic power throughout the ensuing discourse on social development. The author had, on her own account, got the idea for the title from In the Castle of My Skin, the literary masterwork by novelist George Lamming, himself

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