Politics in the 1930 Germany

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| Politics Essay | [Politics in the 1930 germany] | | Politics in the 1930 Germany There are various types of governments around the world who run countries differently based on what they think works best for that particular country. Each government is on a different position on the political spectrum which leads their beliefs to be different from each other. In addition, every government has various objectives to meet and the people of that country have a role to play in deciding what those goals and objectives should be. The people of the country are part of the bigger political picture and help shape the government based on who they choose to make the country’s decision. The people in every county have the right to pick what is best for them as a county while keeping in mind that every citizen has a right to being safe and being treated with respect and dignity. Each government has its own platform, intentions and ideas about the roles that the people play in shaping that government. A national socialist government is one that was mainly shaped by Hitler and the Nazi government in the 1930 Germany. It is placed on the far right of the political spectrum and believes in libertarianism. They believe in having a lot of laws and taxes in order to give the government a lot of power over citizens. In a national socialist government there is no safety net for the poor and the government also cuts back on social spending. In the movie “swing Kids” the government has a lot of control over what happens in society. They have control over where people work, how much they get paid and what people are supposed to believe. The have influenced children and youth so that they have become the eyes of the government, making sure their family and relatives are obeying the laws of the government. This scene in the movie emphasises the fact that the government had a lot
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