Politics in Sport Essay

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Contemporary issues in sport Political ideologies each hold different arguments with regard to the issue of sports development from the foundation level to the elite. Political parties also differ in their approach and each has different views about the changes they believe should be enforced. Great Britain’s bid to host the Olympic games in London was identified as a way of promoting good health and fitness across the nation, reiterating the importance and benefits of including sport in one’s lifestyle. “The Staging of the Olympic games in London would lead to ‘a step change in the nations physical activity’ contributing to the government’s desire to increase participation in sport and physical activity”. Coalter.F (2004) The Olympic Committee worked on the ideology proposed by certain researchers, “Grassroots participation would be boosted. An already sports-mad nation would get fitter and healthier”. Coalter.F (2004) However further research shows that each political ideologist disagrees that this actually took place. This literature review will analyse political ideologies, these being Labour, Conservative, Liberalism, and then the joining of parties i.e. The Coalition government. The study will focus predominantly on Government funding for sport participation in schools across the Uk. The first political ideology to be analysed is Labour which has existed since 1997.Labour have strong beliefs that participation in sport can bring huge benefits such as increasing physical fitness, improving anti-social behaviour and improving academic results, however they now believe their ambition is under treat by rival parties. Two weeks ago, the Coalition Government decided to cease funding for supporting school sport in this country. Tessa Jowell MP, Labour's Shadow Olympics Minister, said: "Five years ago, when London won the bid for the Olympics, we made a promise to

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