Politics in Business Organizations Essay

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Organizational politics is itself similar to a game, one that requires an assumption of risks just like any contact sport. "It must be played with diligence and a full understanding of the landscape, players and rules." [4] "The dynamics of the situation should always dictate a reexamination of the players and how they fit into the landscape." [4] One must be careful relying on alliances made on previous circumstances; once the situation changes, alliances need to be reassessed. Building strong alliances will maximize the efficiency of the collective political radar and alert you before conflicts arise. In time of conflict, data driven employees who rely on hard facts will have an easier time diffusing political conflicts. Always looking out for the best interests of your company is a certain way to insure that your motivation will remain unquestioned. L.A. Witt, from the University of New Orleans, through his findings, believes that if supervisors were to mold employee values to match their own, it would protect employees from the negative effects of organizational politics and help improve their performance.[8] Playing the game of organizational politics is inevitable, and at times, extremely exhausting. In a politically charged environment, extreme effort must be put forth in order to simply interact - let alone get work done. Concealing weaknesses (i.e. becoming overwhelmed) is crucial. Easing into situations with caution, picking battles wisely, and adjusting one's approach if things are not working out are all methods to keep afloat while dealing with organizational politics. As long as one understands the landscape before playing, it should not be too hard to find a common ground. If all else fails, sometimes it is best to agree to disagree before the situation escalates. Know when to say "I don’t know" and when to admit that you were wrong-often this is the

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