Politics and Government in Music Essay

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In the twenty first century, music plays a huge role in our lives. The music that we listen to has many purposes ranging from entertainment, setting certain moods, healing, or even a means of venting certain feelings. Some people even use music as a personal or spiritual way of living. In my personal experiences, I believe music has a way of delivering a message differently to each individual. I may interpret one particular song a certain way, while someone else may communicate a totally different message. I believe this because everyone has their own opinions that go along with their own thoughts. For me, music has a way of bypassing me mentally and gives me an energized and emotional feeling. In correlation to politics and government, music has a special way of delivering messages. Music has a way of impacting political movements and relating the music on a political level. The music requirements for this assignment show that music can deliver patriotic, historical, and even anti-war messages within the music. Whether or not it is subtle or explicit, it depends on the audience and musicians. What we forever continue to see however, is that throughout modern history music has been used to connect politics and government. The first part of my paper I will attempt to interpret what the five required songs are saying in their messages and how they may correlate to politics and government. Everyone’s political opinions are different and everyone has a right to express themselves freely. The first song that I studied was “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” (YouTube). Initially listening to the song before doing any further research, I felt like the song had some roots and correlation to African Americans in the south. From the lyrics of the song, I felt like it had ties to racism of African Americans. In the first verse when she sings, “Southern

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