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What values would your ideal political party hold dear? With this being an election year, and many people being less than enthusiastic about the choices from the Republicans and the Democrats, and not having enough information on the various third party candidates, I have a question for all of the average citizens that read this. If you were to find (or start) your ideal political party, what would be the core values of that party? What platforms would they strive for? What would be most important to them? There are no wrong answers in this exercise, as people having the freedom to have differing politics is part of what makes this nation great. Personally, while I may be a registered Libertarian, I don't agree with all of the views of the Libertarian party. While the Libertarians are the best suited for my politics, they are not ideal for me. If I was to create the ideal political party for me, this is what the core values would be: Economy: Above all else, individuals and businesses alike should be 100% accountable for their own successes and failures. If a financial institution made poor financial choices, and found themselves failing, it'd be up to them to either correct the problems or go out of business. By the same right, if an individual finds themselves making poor financial choices, it is their own responsibility to do something about it. The individual responsibility leads me into the next core value. Education: Educational standards are the one thing that I feel should be regulated on a Federal level, and to standards at least as high as countries like Japan. An educated public is a public that is able to take care of themselves. I do believe firmly in public subsidies for education, making it cheap, if not completely free for any citizen or legal alien that should desire to take advantage of it. If a person is finding themselves unable

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