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There are a few factors that effected Florida demographics, which made an impact on Florida politics, first in 1968 switching from a one party state democratic to a two party state. This switch completely weakens the Democratic Party because it allowed the division of regions to take place. During the 50s, 60s, and 70s, a massive mix of groups migrated to South Florida and settle around the three major highways. There habitants were whites, African Americans and Hispanics all of these different groups started coming down to south Florida and settling around the three major interstates changing Florida politics. To I-95 route the east coast came down to this area they were working class mostly retired Jews and African American from the Democratic Party. The west coast migrated around I-75 from the republicans party mostly formed by Hispanic. I-4 corridor being the most popular area it emphasis on all the grow out of Orlando and Tampa these two major city were growing and spilling over into the suburb and people started to move out. Tourist were coming into south Florida because of its beautiful weather and cheap land, despite Florida’s growing tourism, it was still the least populated southern states around 1940s. World war II also played an important role in Florida’s politics back then, the soldiers were station around Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Tallahassee. The stations were created here mainly because of the warm climate and we still had a lot of vacant land available, so soldiers would have spacious training bases build in Florida. All these different groups started migrating to the south but migrating to different parts of the city, forcing Florida to dived it self by regions instead of having a powerful organization. Not like the other states for instance New York politics they have the city and up state New York along with

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