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Most dictionaries divine politics as “The science or art of political government.” This explanation however is certainly not sufficient enough to explain the true meaning of what politics actually represents in society today. This essay will explore exactly what politics means in today’s modern world. It will show how interpretations of politics are somewhat individual to every single person where no two ideas are identical. It will explore how the word politics evolved from its most innocent early connotations which simply meant “the community” to the sinister un-trust worthy world most now feel it represents. Also, in this essay politics will be seen both from a world point of view and how it affects Ireland as an individual nation. “One of the penalties for refusing to take part in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”- Plato. The word “politics” is derived from the Greek word “Polis”. In Grecian times this word represented the community as a whole. The idea of “polis” as an ideal form of government came from the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and his student Aristotle. In his novel “The Republic” Plato describes the ideal state and gives the reader a description of how this can be achieved. Early Grecian politics, although widely accepted as the foundations to modern democracy is vastly different to present-day connotations of politics. Therefore, in its most basic form the word politics comes from the desire to make a most perfect society. This notion however, attractive in theory it may be, is somewhat impossible to achieve in practice. As minds, ideas and ideologies inevitably evolved over a course of time, politics began to change its meaning. It was no longer a definitive method of making society perfect; it became a means to which society could progress a little bit at a time. Aristotle claimed that

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